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The Renaissance Protocol NYC | Meta Menagerie NYC | Crossroads x Umba Daima | AfroTech NFT Artist Feature | Art Basel Miami: Playboy | 

Art Basel Miami: Roc Nation Event


African NFT Community 'Paradise' | 'Forging the Future' Senegal | Monolith Gallery 3rd Exhibit Select | SuperRare Africa Day | Juneteenth V01Dhaus x NFT NYC | FAME BIPOC x NFT NYC | Solo Technique x NFT NYC | Nowhere Gallery x Infinite Objects | Polyphonic Narratives x SuperChief | Digital Art Asia 'Xperience' Show | Refraction Festival x Art Basel | NFT Now 'The Gateway' | Kuwait WAGMI 1st Exhibit | 'Alter Ego' Exhibit x Nifty Gateway


'Post-Photography' x Nifty Gateway | NFT NYC Community Showcase | Fairxyz 'Mint For Change' | 'Yami-Ichi' Exhibition x Hodler Gallery | NFT Bucharest x ArtBees Event

Accelerate Art 3rd Cohort Selection | 'Matriarchal Futures' x Refraction DAO | ONBD 'City Pop' | Feral File 'In/Visible' Exhibition | Satyrus Meta-Art 'Humans' | Objktone x Wild & Newfangled Art | 'The Capstone Collection' x Nifty | Superchief x CyberPunk Vol 5 | Blockchain Futurist Conference x Telos | NFT Now x The Gateway Korea | The NFT Gallery 'How High The Moon' | MintGold x SuperChief | Artsted Collective @ Milan | Art Basel SCOPE x Accelerate Art | Digital Art Fair Pioneer Zone | Muro 'Chroma Flora' Hybrid Art Exhibition | NFT Now The Gateway Miami Community Feature | Rhaus Rug Radio Curation


Processing Org 'Decade of Code' Fundraiser | HUG & L'Oreal Professionnel AI Art Collaboration | NFT Now 'Next Up' Feature


Residency & Grants

Wildxyz Season 1

Bueno Art NFT Grant Selection

$LOVE Artist Grant Winner

NILE x WEMIX 3rd Place


'Retroverse' x Nifty Gateway

ancurated x Refraction DAO

ancurated x Refraction DAO x Tezos Miami

ancurated x Zora x Refraction DAO (Black History Month 2024)


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